Our Story

Africafe Pure Instant Coffee is one of the best instant coffee products in the world, and for too long it has been too difficult to enjoy the high quality instant coffee outside East Africa where it originates. 
The Robusta and mild Arabica coffee beans that provide the essential mix of taste are produced in cooperatives throughout Tanzania. After roasting, the ground beans are brewed and spray-dried and subsequently packed and distributed by AFRI TEA & COFFEE BLENDERS (1963) LTD in Dar Es Salaam.
In Tanzania and the surrounding countries, the Africafe brand is a well-known one, and one that vouches for quality and great taste in a long tried and favoured product of locals and travellers alike. It is therefore the pleasure and versatility of a long-loved product that we now bring to Europe. To allow you to enjoy this great East African product either as a personal purchase or to stock on your own store shelves, we import wholesale stock directly from Tanzania and offer the lowest possible price for both retail and wholesale across Europe. 
We truly hope that you will enjoy your many cups of Africafe Pure Instant Coffee as much as we do. 


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